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Eva Cheung, PLRS UT Physics

Earthquake early warning: Coming to your phone in 2024

Tuzo Wilson Lecture 2024
Prof. Richard Allen

Prof. Richard M. Allen, University of California, Berkeley  

Feb 27th (Tuesday), 2024, 7:30-9:00 pm (with refreshments afterwards)

Isabel Bader Theatre (and zoom/youtube)


Earthquake early warning is a relatively new technology that can provide a few seconds of life-saving warning ahead of the next earthquake you experience.  These alerts started in high hazard zones, and are now rolling-out globally, including in eastern Canada later this year.  The ShakeAlert system in the western US has been generating public alerts since 2019.  The free MyShake smartphone app has been delivering the alerts to the public and also collecting seismic waveforms in earthquakes.  We will explore the performance of the warning systems and the utility of the massive seismic datasets now being generated by alert enabled smartphones located in the homes and offices we all occupy.

Tuzo Wilson 2024 Poster

Tuzo Wilson Lecture 2024